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About The Woodash Group

Woodash Press Knives Ltd was founded in 1973 to supply the leather and  footwear industries  in the busy county of Northamptonshire.  Over the years the cutting board side of the business was added to supply a wide range of polypropylene and nylon cutting boards.

Having moved into the automotive industry in the later years, we have established a reputation for accuracy and quality, and now provide a service to most of the major car companies and their suppliers in the United Kingdom.

The Woodash Group has been producing press knives, slip thru knives, punching and stamping dies, woodforme dies and cutting boards for over 28 years.  We manufacture cutting tools for many industries, including the upholstery, automotive, footwear, leather and paper industries. We make cutters to cut paper, veneer, foam, gaskets, belts, gloves, handbags, vacuum form products, and dies for the packaging industry.

In 1979 Woodash Formes Ltd came into being, to broaden the company’s capability to supply the ever increasing demand for die cutting and press cutting.

Over the years, as the footwear trade has declined in the United Kingdom, we have increasingly specialised in making tools for the automotive industry, including all types of foam and fabric cutting and vacuum forming.

With our many years of experience in all types of die and press cutting,  the Woodash Group are one of the few companies who can supply a full range of press knives and cutting dies to suit all trades.

We supply a large range of polypropylene cutting boards for all sizes of presses, from small 900mm x 450mm clicking presses to 3000 x 2500 mm boards for large automotive presses, thicknesses from 1mm to 50mm.

We are based in Northampton, England, and are ideally placed to supply the UK and Europe.

We have the experience you need, and have solutions for your cutting tool requirements. We will gladly advise on how to get the best from your Woodforme or Press Knives.

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